Free Crypto – The Idiot’s Guide to Earning Free Cryptocurrency

The Idiot's Guide to Earning Free Crypto

So you’ve heard about cryptocurrency but you’re not sure how to get started or how it’s even useful. This guide is meant to help anyone with no knowledge start to earn FREE crypto. Some of these tips are like automating and passively making money, albeit at a relatively low rate.

Tip #1 – Download and Install the Brave Browser

So you’ve been using Safari or Chrome but you are tired of being tracked by Google. You really aren’t getting anything in return from them except targeted ads. The Brave Browser which was created by the guy who made Mozilla Firefox, is an open source version of Chrome. The Brave Browser is special because it blocks tracking on websites and gives you the opportunity to monetize your attention and get free crypto.

Brave Rewards Screenshot 1 - Free Cryptocurrency

You won’t become Mr. Moneybags doing this but if you’re going to be surfing the internet, you might as well get paid to do it, right? Here are the steps.

Step 1: Download and Install Brave Browser

Step 2: Go into your reward settings by typing “brave://rewards/” into the url bar and crank up ads shown per hour from 2 to 5.

Brave Rewards Screenshot 2 - Free Cryptocurrency

Step 3: Surf the Internet as you normally would and click on ads when they appear. They should appear at the top right of your screen. Sometimes they are interesting, sometimes they aren’t. As long as you click on them you don’t really have to spend any time looking at them. Your balance of BAT adds up over time and you get at the end of each month. I usually get around 20 BAT (~$5) a month but I also don’t click on every ad.

Step 4: Convert this to real money. Eventually you might want to withdraw your funds. To do this you will need to verify your wallet by setting up an account with Uphold. Here you will have to give your ID and verification information but Brave will never see this. Once you do this you can withdraw directly to your bank account or send it to another wallet.

Tip #2 – Sign up for Coinbase and Coinbase Earn for Free Crypto

Coinbase is the main onramp for buying crypto and they also giveaway a lot of free crypto. They offer you up to $115 of rewards by just watching videos and sharing them. Seriously, these videos are about 2-3 minutes long and then you just answer a question to receive your rewards. You can then convert those rewards into whatever currency you want that Coinbase offers like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

Coinbase Earn Example

Tip #3 – Sign up for Blockfi

Ok this tip is a bit more advanced and you might want to have considerable capital for it to be worth it. Convert your free earned Crypto into USDC on Coinbase and then send that USDC to BlockFi to earn up 8.6% interest on your savings. This is an unheard of rate in your traditional bank’s High Yield savings accounts.

Blockfi Example - Free Cryptocurrency

Here is the full list of the Annual Percentage Yield’s (APY) that Blockfi offers for cryptocurrency and stablecoins.

Blockfi Annual Percentage Yield - Free Cryptocurrency

Tip #4 – Sign up for the Faucet

This is the easiest way to start earning free crypto and also have fun with it. You probably won’t strike it rich here, but this Bitcoin faucet pays out a minimum of 21 sats every hour. You also get tickets and entries into raffles to win even more bitcoin. If you want to put your free winnings to use you can also play their games and win even more bitcoin.

Free Bitcoin

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